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What is hunterstone thesis

what is hunterstone thesis

pumping water from and release of water into Loch Lochy and subsequent impact upon the flow of the River Lochy. No free lunch in the energy world. A massive but puny beast, the idea is to pump water into the reservoir when it is windy. Generating capacity 600 MW, storage capacity 30 GWh. The UKs 4 existing pumped storage schemes were built to store surplus nuclear and coal base load power produced at night and to release this energy into the late afternoon peak in electricity demand. I am instinctively in favour of pumped storage as a means of load balancing. We are heading for an effective doubling of our energy infrastructure Green irony! Cost 800 million 5 years to build 150 workforce during construction 12 permanent jobs, this is the equivalent of a large combined cycle gas turbine with capacity to run for a little over 2 days before needing to be recharged. Delivering 2400 MW for 12 hours every day seems much more valuable than 171 MW for a week though I wonder if the battery could be charged in time? This also assumes that we had 7 days producing 6GW of wind beforehand to fill the reservoirs and we are still light years away from achieving that!

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Which is also puny compared with the scale and cost of this structure and when compared with UK peak demand that is of the order 50,000. 2 / 7 * 600 MW 171. Generating duration at capacity 50 hours. But what this means is that we are getting wind turbines, lots and lots of them, pylons and dams and still need to keep virtually all of the legacy fossil fuel plant going to provide back up power critical essay thesis help when the wind isnt blowing. A partial solution, it may no doubt be argued that Coire Glas is only meant to be part of the load balancing solution which is fair enough. Coire Glas, therefore, is simply window dressing in efforts to Green UK power supply with pylons, turbines and dams. The UK wind carpet recently produced 6GW peak output and so lets assume that 3 of those 6GW were used to pump water into Coire Glas and other such schemes, and 3GW got fed directly onto the grid.