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Essay about a person who admire

essay about a person who admire

She is my best friend from my hometown, Kerteh, Terengganu. She befriended everyone regardless of their status or physical appearances. She a very given person and on the other hand people loves to call her mother hand who always cares about others and very giving. She can type on a computer very fast. Over time, there have been several people who have influenced various aspects of my life, based on their personal characteristics, accomplishments, and values. Even if we were far apart from a country my heart will never close for her.

The person I admire - My mom

essay about a person who admire

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When we praised her for being intelligent, she would say Its nothing, it is because I read all the time, anyone can. She a very good adviser, a good model mother. She is very patient and careful with everything she does. She always opens her heart listened to everyone and helps to solve. I hardly ever dream in my sleep but when I do it's about the strangest things, like about someone that I haven't met. She is the big hero in my life and I?m going to describe her. My mother, sister and some good friends. Her face is oval and nose is straight, small and a little bit snub. I think it is true and I am happy for that.