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Long essay on child labour in english

long essay on child labour in english

school in the recent decades. The fact that child labour is involved is often hidden: More than three quarters of this work is done in the sector of agriculture, or it has to do with activities done at home, in the context of the family. It will also help small kids and children to write or recite paragraphs in simple words and small sentences. According to the statistics of 2010, the highest incidence rates of child labour was in sub-saharan Africa. 2, child working in a mine, early 19th century England. People, definition of explain in essay writing who are very poor and cannot manage their two times food and clothes, become forced to send their kids and children to do some job at lowest payment instead of sending them to the school for education. Child labour means that children are forced to work like adults and take part in an economic activity. Child labour is an illegal act and has been a big social issue in India for years.

long essay on child labour in english

This map shows how common child labour sports medicine term paper was in the world, in 2003. Child Labour Paragraph 7, children are considered as the future of nation. These days we see many minor boys and girls working in tea stalls, restaurants, hotels and other small shops. Despite the efforts of government and non-governmental institutions (NGOs there is little decrease in the practice of child labour in our country. Child Labour Paragraph 10, child labour is the practice of involving children below age 14 years in some economic activities as part time or full time. We should discuss child labour and child exploitation awareness among people. Every child has a right to education and child labor deprives them of that privilege. We should tell other people too about the ways to prevent child labour.

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