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Biodiversity in india essay

biodiversity in india essay

Nile perch, an exotic predatory fish introduced in Lake Victoria of South Africa has eliminated several native small cichlid fish species which were endemic to this lake. For instance the differences in species composition between a coral reef and the adjoining intertidal zone would be termed as beta diversity. Wheat, rice and maize account for about 60 of the calories and about 55 of protein in humans consume come directly from plants. Conclusion, every species of flora and fauna serves its unique purpose towards maintaining the environment and making it worth living. This happens with large monocultures of genetically similar crops.

Essay on, biodiversity in, india, biology

biodiversity in india essay

biodiversity in india essay

It is an umbrella term for the degree of natures variety including both the number and frequency. Gradients of Biodiversity : Change in latitude or altitude leads to change in biodiversity. Biodiversity increases from poles to equator (from (vii) Lot of work is still required to be carried out for exploring the biodiversity in India. Such areas include wetlands, lakes, oceans, tree canopy and. Biodiversity Essay 1 (100 words).

Biodiversity Essay 2 (150 words biodiversity is said to be a measure of different types of plants, animals and other organisms present in the ecosystem. Destruction of Habitats and Fragmentation: It is the most serious threat to wildlife. Similarly, wild rice (Oryza nivara) provided resistance against grassy stunt virus in 1970s when virus- resistant gene was incorporated in IR-36 rice variety; Wild Thatch Grass (Saccharum sponataneum) provided resistant gene to sugarcane against red rot disease; similarly in potato, resistant gene against late blight. This variety contributes towards making our planet inhabitable. Different plants and animals are interdependent on each other to get their basic needs fulfilled. (d) Goats and rabbits introduced in the islands of Pacific and Indian Oceans are destroying the habitats of several plants, birds and reptiles.

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