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What makes a marriage successful essay

what makes a marriage successful essay

Got a writing question? Are you willing to do that? So when it is your turn to listen, be swift about hearing, slow about speaking. A woman was standing there. That can certainly be a challenge, and you may have to struggle to come off victorious. But they can find a measure of happiness. The females were treated as properties and not as human beings.

Speaking about successful marriage, it is primarily necessary to say that it can be successful only on the condition that it has a solid basis. However, love is obviously insufficient for a really successful marriage. Moreover, often is not the only and most decisive argument when two persons decide. What makes a happy marriage essay. Why marriages fail essay.

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Implying such a thing can be destructive to a marriage. Christians are essay on computer issues commanded to be slow about wrath. Consequently, love should be the basis of the marriage. Put your spouses needs ahead of your own. The Power of the Tongue Do you and your mate know how to talk about your problems? James 3:2) Then, too, some were raised in homes where a parents anger was unleashed on a regular basis. Never take your spouse for granted. I couldnt believe that this was happening.

It goes without saying that marriage unites people and makes them very close.
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This reputation rests in the hands of marriage, a bonding of two families; if a law abiding family with a good name marries another family with a good stature, the reputation of both families is preserved, maybe even increased; on the other hand.
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