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All great truths begin as blasphemies essay

all great truths begin as blasphemies essay

means knowledge (derived as it is from the Latin word scientia which means knowledge) and knowledge is the opposite of faith, mysticism, superstition and dogma. And so it is science that the WTM is concerned with, not faith or mysticism or superstition or dogma. Wilson has written, The human condition is the most important frontier of the natural sciences (Consilience, 1998,.298 of 374). Thus, we see that any idea which conflicts with the accepted wisdom of the times, faces many trials and tribulations to be accepted. Cults are basically where people give up trying to make sense of reality and its dilemmas and instead defer to some person or belief system in which they invest their trust; whereas the WTM is concerned with making sense of the dilemmas of life.

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Thus, any truths which tries to supplant popularly held beliefs face challenges in establishing themselves. The escapism, abdication and subjugation of our conscious thinking self that characterises cult practices is the complete opposite of what the work at the WTM is concerned with, namely bringing reconciling, healing and transforming understanding to that ultimate dilemma of life of our good and. Shaws technique in this play is to use the first act to dramatize the comforts of capitalism and the second to expose its cruelties. It is extremely helpful and easy to use. This is basic to human nature. But how could Jeremy Griffith be sound enough to address, talk about and look into the most psychologically challenging of all subjects of the human condition, as he does page after page in his writings, and at the same time be so unsound. The truth is the WTM is a bold, strong, healthy, thoughtful, dogma-free, responsible, transparent, sound and selfless organisation, the absolute opposite of a cult-like organisation.

All Great Truths Begin as Blasphemies peta

all great truths begin as blasphemies essay

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