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Purpose of attending college essay

purpose of attending college essay

the overzealous use of decorative fonts and alternative organizational schemes result in an essay thats distracting and tough to get through. The first statement promises an essay that does little more than show how exasperating the applicants mother has become and runs the risk of making the writer seem a bit self-absorbed and uncharitable. Retrieved 13:26, August 25, 2018, from. At Carnegie Mellon, fourteen staff members process fifteen thousand applications and participate in weeks of midnight madness, working from half past seven in the morning until midnight. With that in mind, lets meet your audience. Doughty discusses its role in relation to the rest of the application: The essays the one thing thats different; everyones taken the same AP tests, the same classes Recommendations always say, Hey, good kid, nice to have in class.' Sometimes students feel pressured to mention. As Doughty puts it, when he finds an essay thats really good its kind of nice just to sit back and say, Wow, this is different.' An essay does not have to rely on an unusual topic for its success, however. Maybe, but most social exchanges require a balance between sincerity and goodwill on the one hand and finesse on the other.

Types of Essays, admission officers are human, and like other humans they appreciate a good read. Remember that one of your goals is to introduce yourself to the reader and hopefully form a connection. In fact, some approaches to the personal statement are used so frequently that admission officers have come to recognize them as types. Essays that try to cover too many topics leave little room for you to develop your main idea, sacrificing depth for breadth, and leave the admission committee feeling like they dont really know you.

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Ninth grade, the night of the big dance: Just be yourself my mom says, sweeping the hair back from my face, and stand up straight. MegaEssays, "Three Reasons Why Im attending, college. As Scott Doughty, assistant director of admission at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, says, The essay is really the one opportunity you get to talk about who you are. He adds elements of a good academic essay that many applicants dont even make the effort to proofread their essays carefully and, relying solely on the computers spell checker, end up spelling the schools name like a certain summer fruit. If youre considering a topic that falls into this category, make sure that youre writing about the topic because its fundamental to who you are and what you want to do with your life and not because youre vying for the sympathy vote. You might be surprised, however, to know just how important the essay can. By the time its all over, he will have reviewed more than a thousand applications.

purpose of attending college essay