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Essays in folkloristics alan dundes

essays in folkloristics alan dundes

was necessary to get beyond the popular urge to romanticize lore. Among many others, his books include. One of two essays Dundes co-authored with his daughter Lauren Dundes, professor of sociology at Western Maryland College, successfully probes the content of Disney's. He edited, mother Wit from the Laughing Barrel: Readings in the Interpretation of Afro-American Folklore (1991 which was published by University Press of Mississippi. Dundes did not think of traditions as a relic of the past, and often took to the lectern to show that folklore was very three dissertations on the teachings of jehovah witnesses much part of the modern technological world.

Most folklorists have been slow to consider psychoanalysis as a method of interpreting folklore. Google-Konto, suche, maps,, play, news, gmail. Most scholars respond to the question of interests with a genre, period, or location. Thirty years later, he was still promoting analysis and raising consciousness. That is, Dundes time and again pointed out that in addition to folklore being distinctive. In this concern for the emergent nature of folklore, Dundes was a champion of the modern view that folklore is an artistic process rather than a dusty artifact, since, in his words, it is something alive and dynamic rather than dead and static. His provocative analyses forced scholars from a wide spectrum of fields to think with as well as about folklore. However, psychoanalysts, handicapped by their limited knowledge of folklore techniques, have tended to confine their efforts to the Bible, to classical mythology, and to the Grimm fairy tales. Lashing out at the Victorian elitist characterization of folklore as meaningless survivals, he emphasized that folklore is a rich and meaningful source for the study of cognition and values (1975g, xi-xii). Alan Dundes is professor of anthropology and folklore at the University of California, Berkeley. In a reflective moment upon reaching forty years of age, Alan Dundes introduced his first collection of essays with the declaration, My principal research interests focus upon the analysis of folklore (1975g, xi).

It is not something relegated to primitivized othershistorically or sociallybut rather a behavioral pattern that everyone exhibits. That is, the advantage of folklore is that it conveys what people think in their own words and actions, and what they say or sing in folklore expresses what they might not be able to in everyday conversation. One notable exception is folklorist Alan Dundes. The Little Mermaid, yielding new insights into this popular reworking of a Hans Christian Andersen favorite. All of the essays in this remarkable volume create new takes on old traditions. The Myth of the Birth of the Hero in 1909, the psychoanalytic study of folklore has been an acknowledged part of applied psychoanalysis. That picture is not always pretty, as Dundes exposed in studies of anti-Semitic folklore, ethnic slurs, and abusive initiations. Docs, books, blogger, hangouts, notizen, google Collections, noch mehr von Google.