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Order of body paragraphs in essay

order of body paragraphs in essay

and then to state the author's thesis, or central idea. A hook is a 1-2 sentence bang that makes the reader want to keep on reading the entire text: rhetorical question, literary", joke, anecdote, metaphor, simile, a famous person saying, fact, or statistic. (If the author is using this format for a text-based thesis, then a sentence"ng the text, supporting the essay-writer's claim, would typically go here, along with the name of the text and the name of the author.

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A student should be aware of various types of academic papers if they wish to learn how to write an essay of an A level. References edit Corbett, Edward.J. Standardized tests ask for the 5 paragraph essays. So for example, if one of your supporting arguments was about limiting the use of resources, you could say Limiting the use of our natural resources and improving their efficiency are key steps in improving the health of our planet. Quick Tip: if you find that your body paragraphs have nothing to do with your thesis, you can go back and change the thesis.

order of body paragraphs in essay