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Ebola research paper conclusion

ebola research paper conclusion

: a review on epidemiology, symptoms, treatment and pathogenesis. Introduction paragraph for narrative essay frederick douglass education essay my favourite country uk essay. Aaa3438 PubMed Abstract CrossRef Full Text Google Scholar. Ndawinz JDA, Cisse M, Diallo MS, Sidibe CT, DOrtenzio. The fifth one, the Ebola-Reston, only affects nonhuman primates. J Public Health (Oxf) (2015). Int J Gynecol Obstetr (2015) 131(Suppl 5 E1567.

The conclusions of the viral hemorrhagic fever can range from the mild.
Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed i n this material.
Four of the five have caused disease in humans: Ebola-Zaire.
In lab setting, research suggests Ebola has the ability of spreading through.
The Ebola Virus genetics are difficult to study due to its virulent nature.

WHO, unfpa, The World Bank and the United Nations Population Division. View Article PubMed Google Scholar Bogoch II, Creatore MI, Cetron MS, Brownstein JS, Pesik N, Miniota J,. One thing that can be implemented, however, is the banning of all transportation from the affected countries, not only via air travel but also via ships. By then, an estimated 30,000 people had been infected with EVD, and over 10,000 people had died as a direct consequence, the majority in Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone ( 1 ). (CDC) is helping,. An inclusive approach about me selling real estate essays was taken, and several modeling studies are therefore included in the analysis. The focus of the review is the West Africa Ebola outbreak, due to its unprecedented magnitude. This usually results in death(m). View Article PubMed Google Scholar Wamala JF, Lukwago L, Malimbo M, Nguku P, Yoti Z, Musenero M,. The fortunate part is that this strain only infected monkeys and not humans. Ebola threatens a way of life. The medical personnel went on to infect other patients and people they know, triggering the epidemic.

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