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Eradication of social issues essay

eradication of social issues essay

them. MSP given to sugarcane, it was helpful for farmers in Maharashtra but it was implemented across all states resulting agitations of farmers belonging to UP, Punjab and Haryana. With the help of regionalism economic policies may remain more stable and consistent. DMK proposed that the states of Madras, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Mysore should secede from the Indian union and form an independent Republic of Dravida Nadu. Introduction, to understand regionalism, we need to know various dimensions of the region. High Prices and Their Effects 163. There are certain discrepancies at the implementation part of these schemes.

Social Issues in India including reasons of Social, problems and forms of Social Issues in India.
Also know about Present Scenario of the.
Social, problems in India.

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A nation is also characterized by the way it treats its people. Although, this subject did see the light of the day when the Delhi High Court legalized gay sex among consenting adults holding that making it a criminal offence violates fundamental human rights way back in the year 2009 as a result of persuasive struggles carried. For example- Tripura Tribal Autonomous District Council (ttadc formed in 1985, has served to protect an otherwise endangered tribal identity in the state by providing a democratic platform for former separatists to become a party of governance, and thereby reduced significantly the bases of political extremism in the state. India and The Atom Bomb. The list may go on and it is not a comprehensive list. The main institutional response of the Union government was the North-eastern States Reorganisation Act, 1971 which upgraded the Union Territories of Manipur and Tripura, and the Sub-State of Meghalaya to full statehood, and Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh (then Tribal Districts) to Union Territories. Furthermore, India has witnessed several wars of large proportions; several foreign invaders attacked India in its long history among whom few made this country as their own and tried to force their socio-religious practices which also deteriorated social conditions; the long period of British rule. Science and Religion.

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