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How to write a case series study

how to write a case series study

we have already analyzed an earlier article on time series decomposition. Valuation, Debt Overview Other These are from sources like Factset, Thomson, and Capital IQ, and are useful for reviewing the transaction itself, details on the debt, and also taking a brief look at valuation multiples. (note: Order swapped from what is in the PDF above) Part 4: Build in support for post-buyout acquisitions (bet you havent seen that one before). You can get most of these documents from the investor relations section of Dells site. What about refinancing existing debt, and the percentage of debt used? One of the best ways to make a series stationary on variance is through transforming the original series through log transform. We need to make the series stationary on variance to produce reliable forecasts through arima models. A short-term forecasting model, say a couple of business quarters or a year, is usually a good idea to forecast with reasonable accuracy. Unusual Assumptions and Sources Uses Youll see that the setup for these sections is somewhat unusual, mostly because different parties are contributing funds for the deal it is not like a traditional LBO where its just investor equity from the PE firm plus debt, and. Also, the range of expected error (i.e. Step 1: Plot tractor sales data as time series. Yes, you could create a model that tries to capture every last detail, but this is counter-productive in time-pressured case studies.

Also, there is seasonal MA with lag 12 of order. We will discover this aspect about randomness and patterns in the epilogue of this forecasting case study example.

how to write a case series study

This is an advanced case study. It is not for the faint of heart. The idea is to incorporate the new information available with the passage of time in the model. Dont expect this red carpet treatment in real case studies or interviews. Step 7: Plot ACF and pacf for residuals of arima model to ensure no more information is left for extraction Finally, lets create an ACF and pacf plot of the residuals of our best fit arima model.e. .

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