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Results of a dissertation research study are inconclusive

results of a dissertation research study are inconclusive

However, the act of articulating the results helps you to understand the problem from within, to break it into pieces, and to view the research problem from various perspectives. Step 4 Add further tables or figures (optional). Try to use a variety of different methods of presentation, and consider your reader: 20 pages of dense tables are hard to understand, as are five will pay you to do my assignment pages of graphs, but a single table and well-chosen graph that illustrate your overall findings will make things much. Below the figure you should include a brief description. The results are supported using tables, figures or"s (as appropriate). Check back to make sure that you have included all the relevant methods.

Now you are faced with analysing your data and writing up the res ults section of your dissertation.
If this is the position in which you find.
The results section is where you report the findings of your study.
The results section should state the findings of the research arranged in a logical sequence without bias or interpretation.
Thesis Writing in the Sciences.

The easiest way to report your results is to frame them around any research sub-questions or hypotheses that you formulated before starting your research (as presented earlier in your dissertation). As the author, it's your responsibility to comb through the data and select the important values and statistics that are necessary to answer your research question. How to Write, the writing in this section should be straight to the point with no bells and whistles. Where to Start, the first thing you need to do in order to write a good Results section is to organize your information. Your findings in relation to these sub-questions and hypotheses will together enable you to eventually answer your main research question. It is safe and reliable!

Dissertations rarely need to include the raw data - you don't want to overwhelm the reader with long lists of meaningless numbers. Oct 17, 2012, if you're doing a paper that reports on original investigative work, the Results section will be where you detail your findings. You should also never include tables and figures without referring the them in the text. Tables are lists of numerical values presented in rows and column that are used to help the reader interpret and classify related pieces of data. For example, an average shooter or something. It's important to remember that this includes both the data that supports your hypothesis and any negative findings.