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Ana yzis essay

ana yzis essay

left, yyon-ma the left hand, yyon-na on the left, to the left, yyon-du towards the left, yyon-nas from the Jeft; yyon-logs the left side or hand, fyon- Idg-byed-pa Pth. a saZ, su-gu saZ, deb-sal* please to give me some tea, to lend me some paper, pray, give me change; or more pressingly: a sal gos* I earnestly request you for some tea etc., I entreat you. par-rgydb print, *par-rgydb fsogs-se*. ; srds-la sku- Krus ysol-lo they administered a bath to the prince Glr. 142, 9 bsam-yas- cm-bu. zan(ij* please to get up! So-lug lees of liquors, yeast of beer Sch. To put down in writing, to record, tnin k-d-ba-la to write names on a column Pth.

Fol-fol.; fol-bjiih to arise, to begin, suddenly Sch. Ytsigs-pa, with or without med- ia, to show one's teeth, to grin Glr. Great welfare) by it Mil; gru grub-pa Tar. Qeotfl' Jog-pa I- P f - bzag,.

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Less and less; sometimes also for the superlative degree,. Sgaii) which latter is prob. Sgo-po riii-mo, kyan-kyaii riit-mo, Jo/i-jon. A small bag or purse. Money or goods fcf. Ka-mcu, rtsod-pa, O dzin-mo. Ba-ru-ra an astringent medicament Med. ; sgrog-pa to play (the guitar) ; pi-wan- i, or pi-wan-pa a player on the guitar. a.: skyon-pa to put on GO- ysob sob. To shut up, wrap. Seldom; rgyun- du nam O ci ca med sgom always keep in mind that you do not know when you will die Mil.