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Police discretion essay conclusion

police discretion essay conclusion

application of sanctions. Patel 11 Walker, Samual, and Morgan Macdonald. These are examples of numerous cases in which officers confront such victims and are required to use discretion as needed. They are the political era, reform era, the community policing era, and the homeland security era. Although ethnic minorities are now employed in policing in significant numbers, women are still significantly underrepresented.

Discretion can be used to approach the law differently. An important negative effect of discretion has on policing is it cause to under enforcement; that is officers are not told on what they can do each tour and what they can not do so they just use their discretion and suppose it will not. Patel 8 received the job rite after. Officers will be less. Police Discretion, police discretion is an action by a law enforcement officer based on that individual's judgment about the best course of action. Imagine how a police department would function if every single officer enforced the law in a legalistic approach or did his duties according to the book with no discretion. Patel 6 The positive effects of police discretion portrays how scarce resources can be solved if officers are given the proper training that in the end will put less burden on the court systems.

police discretion essay conclusion

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Leon (1984) h). On the other hand, some victims are local in insisting in the victimization and can easily be dealt with. Community policing is practiced in majority of police departments especially in the metropolitan cities that requires a two-way does a masters thesis defence have a comittee link between the community and the police department. 4) What ethnic and gender differences characterize policing today? 2) Name and describe the four historical eras of policing as discussed in the book. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1.

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