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Short essay on house

short essay on house

Students Macmillan, Pan Ltd. It has g0j all the modem amenities of life. If the bricks are not very hard, then it is usual to cover them with plaster or cement, which can then be painted. Houses with brick walls often have tiled roofs, because the tiles can often be made at the brick factory.

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Modern bricks and tiles come in a big range of colours, because different materials can be transported from different areas. The dark wood floor was always clean and polished. Mansions often have beautiful gardens. It is not easily packed up and carried away like a tent, or moved like a caravan. Then, I was just four-year-old. The walls need good protection from the rain, so houses like this often have roofs that have big "eaves the roof sticks out all around the house so that the water does not run down the walls.

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