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Short essay on save environment

short essay on save environment

the Voice Literary Supplement. This day is celebrated to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. Indeed, most American writers seem to have forgotten how to write about big issuesas if giving two shits about the world has gotten crushed under the boot sole of postmodernism. All of which has left too many university presidents, already in search of cuts for short -term gain, eyeing their presses and literary magazines and wondering who will miss them if theyre gone. It is a day when people focus on the environment and it is celebrated in over 100 countries. Oh, sure, The Atlantic still has an annual fiction issue (sold on newsstands but not sent to subscribers and Esquire runs fiction online if its less than 4,000 words. Little wonder then that the last decade has seen ever-dwindling commercial venues for literary writers. Consider this for a moment: If those programs admit even 5 to 10 new students per year, then they will cumulatively produce some 60,000 new writers in the coming decade. But the less commercially viable fiction became, the less it seemed to concern itself with its audience, which in turn made it less commercial, until, like a dying star, it seems on the verge of implosion. Not one of these venues (those that still exist) still publishes fiction on a regular basis. Before long, the combined forces of identity politics and cheap desktop publishing gave rise to African American journals, Asian American journals, gay and lesbian journals. This is due partly to a shift in our culture from a society that believed in hierarchy to one that believes in a level playing field.

Aldous Huxley, Sherwood Anderson, and, maxim Gorky about their contributions to the next issue. In fact, through four successive terms, Cross never left the helm. Yale Review or, vQR saw maybe 500 submissions in a year; today, we receive more like 15,000.

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Its well respected, isnt it? Easy for him to say. Most catastrophic thus far, Northwestern University is moving TriQuarterly online and terminating the current editorsincluding poet Susan Hahn, who has been with the magazine for 30 of its 45 years. Illustration: Frank Stockton, iTS inevitable. Stop being so damned dainty and polite. Georgia Review and, shenandoah. You may be a precious snowflake, but if you cant express your individuality in sterling prose, I dont want to read about. At a dinner party or on the sidelines of my sons soccer game, someone well-meaning will ask what. This day is observed to stimulate awareness of the environment and enhance political attention and public action. Graduates of creative writing programs were multiplying like tribbles. Yale Review publishing, john Maynard Keynes on microeconomics and, thomas Mann on the threat of Nazismat the same time he was pushing back against legislated morality (such as Prohibition) and enacting tougher child-labor restrictions.

To pull out of this tailspin, writers and their patrons both will have to make some necessary changesand quick. They nod politely, sometimes with the vaguest hint of recognition.

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