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Tuition is not necessary essay

tuition is not necessary essay

rather than write on a paper for the rest of his life, I do not believe that it is prevalent in the modern era where computers are used both in the academic and professional arenas. If you have to work to survive, you will definitely put in the effort because you know that if you dont, you wont live. There is one more point must be considered that is how students will contribute to the country after graduation. Education is a fundamental human right that is confirmed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948) and the UN Covenant on Social, Cultural and Economic Rights (UN, 1966). As we all know there are a lot of top-students who get scholarships as well as student loans making tuition more affordable to them unlike other students who lack on intelligence skills and have to pay out-of-pocket to be able to attend an expensive university. Scrawls that cannot be read may be compared to talking that cannot be understood and writing difficult to decipher to stammering speech. If the parent is disciplined, the child will be too. I, personally, love when a professor has professional skills to teach a class that I sign up for. They set questions that do not resemble the real thing.

Moreover, only reading and speaking skills are not enough for better performance, practising the topics by writing it on a paper could be a much efficient way to learn. This leads to better academic and professional performance. There is a tendency that higher education is becoming a commodity due to globalisation. However, higher education prepares young people for the whole of their adult lives, rather than just providing them with skills for employment. I reckon handwriting is much more than simply putting letters on a page; it is a key part of learning and expressing ideas. More cash thesis collection website also means the university can offer a higher salary to attract better teachers. Moreover, universities can use that money to do research to help the country develop. At the end of the day, the authorities only look at how many units you have to decide which course you get into at which university, stressing on paper qualifications, not how good you are at extracurricular activities. Therefore a professor with professional skills on the subject is very well necessary. Also all the fun activities that go on around campus are sometimes included in the tuition, but we do not know it since it is probably not mentioned.

tuition is not necessary essay