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Short essay about whatsapp

short essay about whatsapp

advise them against. The free entry point on Android makes sense given the poor monetisation rate of that platform, but eschewing recurring revenue on iOS is odd - essentially, WhatsApp will only make money on iOS when it's growing the user base, at least directly. They not only exchange information but also work on creative ideas to find solutions to the problems. How big is WhatsApp? Android iPhone, windows Phone, nokia S40, blackBerry, human rights essay pdf blackBerry. This feature shares your location for the duration even if youre not using the app. Adding Skype to the series (in green) is also pretty revealing. This means that Apple knows more about what's going on here than Google. So, a wild guess based on app store data might be 75m cumulative downloads on Android and 75m on iOS.

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Naturally, there's a tradeoff: more users with less engagement or fewer users with more engagement. Moreover, the data from the application cannot be transferred to the inbox of the phone. The fact that it only costs.99 and has no in-app purchases makes the high grossing rank particularly impressive. This may be useful when you are meeting friends in a crowded area, or you want to let someone know you have arrived at your destination safely. Facilitating business: WhatsApp has played a very important role in facilitating the business communication between the supplier and the customers. Google Trends, of course, is interesting rather than definitive. This may be helpful if you sent a message to the wrong contact. Moreover, you can also share the jokes and memes to bring smiles to your friends. Rather, revenue, for now, is a one-off fee.99 on iOS and.99 a year on other platforms with the first year free. With a staff of just 35, plus outsourced development in Russia, that's a testament to the scaling possibilities of app stores - and suggests that the M A industry is pretty much camped out in the WhatsApp offices. Facebook is in the '100-500m downloads' bracket). It offers a great user experience and app doesnt lag because of too many ads.