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Write an essay about your favourite subject

write an essay about your favourite subject

whole new learning experience for. Judging from the responses, we have many readers who enjoy Science, English and Mathematics classes. Science is very useful and involves working on experiments or inventing something new.

Art and craft lessons enabled me to express my thoughts and I didnt mind getting my hands dirty to work on projects such as tie-and-dye handkerchief, papier mache bowl and straw-blown paintings. All letters must reach. The difference between farming needs in different parts of the world and how the produce could be exported from one country to another. What school are you applying to?

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My favourite Science topic is the solar system as I like to learn about the planets. Even now, I think I still look at things and think about whats beneath the surface, whats behind the visible parts, the parts we cant see or never think about. You can see these things in life, it all seemed relevant. I also remember learning about rock formations and how rivers can form valleys and erode rock, and the earth, over a long period of time and change the landscape. Make this essay 'you' one in a million. She made everything seem interesting and had an excellent way of explaining things to her students. I can distinctly remember many lessons about agriculture and how it was developed in many different regions of the world. I would be honored to be a student at the pursuing my dream.(goals to do in Journalism). Why are you interested in this program?