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Linguistics thesis competition

linguistics thesis competition

and Diana Inkpen. Your time limit: 3 minutes. Marie-Claude Séguin, Catégorisation acoustique des voyelles moyennes antérieures arrondies en français laurentien, Supervisors: Marie-Hélène Côté and Ian MacKay. Chris Davison, Professor of Education, University of New South Wales, grading rubric research project paper any discipline Australia. Seham Ali Elashhab, EFL reading strategies of main idea comprehension and identification: Awareness and use of Arabic speaking university students, Supervisors: Eta Schneiderman and Martine Peters (Université du Québec en Outaouais). Up to 250 travel expenses for a conference/workshop.

Congratulations to the winners of our very first Three Minute Thesis Competition! Members of the Jury, prof. Location: City campus, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Dates: 27 29 November 2017, conference theme, applied Linguistics in the New Millennium: Multiple Theories, Pathways, and Practices. Were pleased to announce details of the fifth combined alanz-alaa-altaanz conference.

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linguistics thesis competition

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Rok Zaucer, A VP-internal/resultative analysis of 4 VP-external uses of verbal prefixes, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler 2008, chiu-Hung (Stephanie) Chen, Chinese relativization: Ordering at the syntax-phonology interface, Supervisor: Éric Mathieu. Keren Tonciulescu, Licensing conditions for indefinite pronouns in Modern Hebrew, Supervisors: Ana Arregui and csu argumentative essay Éric Mathieu 2010, dana Geber, Romanian dative clitic Dependencies in raising constructions, Supervisor: Mara Luisa Rivero. 2016, ekab Al-Shawashreh, 'Aspects of Grammatical Variation in Jordanian Arabic (JA Supervisor: Stephen Levey. Walker, Present accounted for: Prosody and aspect in Early African American English, Supervisor: Shana Poplack 1999 Margareta Ling, Topics in the acquisition of complex constructions in German, Supervisor: Helen Goodluck Marjory Meechan, The Mormon drawl: Religious ethnicity and phonological variation in Southern Alberta, Supervisor: Shana Poplack Vera Lucia Posnik. Mouna Ennamsaoui, Lalternance locative en arabe marocain et en arabe standard, Supervisor: Paul Hirschbühler 2007, carmen LeBlanc, Le futur périphrastique dans le français parlé : une question dhabitude, Supervisor: Shana Poplack 2006, karim Achab, Internal structure of verb meaning: A study of verbs of (change of) state in Tmazight (Berber. Fereshteh Modaresi, Bare nouns in Persian: Interpretation, grammar, and prosody, Supervisors: Rob Truswell and Manfred Krifka (Humboldt U). As applied linguists, were interested in language learning, language teaching, and how people use language to express their relationship to the world. Eiman Mustafawi An Optimality theoretic approach to variable consonantal alternations in Qatari Arabic, Supervisor: Marie-Hélène Côté 2005, boutheina Lassadi, The syntax and semantics of optional wh-movement: The case of Egyptian Arabic, Supervisor: Mara Luisa Rivero. Saleh AlQahtani, 'The Structure and Distribution of Determiner Phrases in Arabic: Standard Arabic and Saudi Dialects Supervisor: Éric MathieuDaryl Chow, 'The Intonational Structure of Singapore English'. These three shortlisted candidates will compete at the Coimbra Group Annual Conference in Salamanca from May 30th till June 1st 2018. Viktor Kharlamov, Incomplete neutralization and task effects in experimentally-elicited speech: Evidence from the production and perception of word-final devoicing in Russian, Supervisor: Marie-Hélène Côté. Anousha Sedighi, Subject-predicate agreement restrictions in Persian, Supervisor: Mara Luisa Rivero 2004 Rodica Diaconescu, Romanian application constructions, Supervisor: Mara Luisa Rivero Alphonse Kabano, Le pronom personnel sujet de la troisième personne : grammaticalisaton, réanalyse et variation dans le parler dOttawa-Hull, Supervisor: Shana Poplack 2003 Olga Arnaoudova, Focus and Bulgarian clause structure, Supervisor: Mara.

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