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Adapting to american culture essay

adapting to american culture essay

as they choose, and worship freely without fear of persecution. There is no government-supported religion or established church of state. Rely on other countries for, and there are things that other countries rely on the.S. Borrows money for other countries and gets lots of products form other countries that we use in our everyday lives. According to Kende, many refuges who now called Canada home (124).it implies that, immigrant has a good relationship towards Canada. Therefore, relationships will help to adapting a new culture. American Culture is something that foreigners adapt to and foreign culture is something that Americans have to adapt. People should not be afraid to make mistakes but instead learn from them. In addition, they value punctuality. The author of the passage "American Culture Donald.

Dealing with this kind of change comes with new lessons, new understandings of life and new perspectives. One of the most important ways of adapting to a new culture is through show more content, these should be friends who fomat college essay are willing to advice you through your mistakes and who are patient enough to slowly teach you about the new lifestyles that you. Culture is defined as the learned behaviors or ideals of a Human group or a society. Individuals have to learn things from scratch, learn to understand the culture and most importantly, people have to stop making assumptions. American people are risk takers and very opportunistic. For one, iIt will not always be easy to get used to a new culture but it helps to be aware of that and to maintain a positive attitude regardless. Many also think that there is a dearth of traditions and values associated with American culture. Most people in the United States believe in God, with the majority of people are Christians. According to kende, thank u Canada we love you (135).this shows that people have positive attitude towards to a new adopting country. American Culture Essay, some people criticize American culture and some say that there is no unique American culture. "Culture" in general could be defined as: The shared system of symbolic knowledge and patterns of behavior that human individuals carry to provide predictable internal and external psychological stability so as to prevent chaos among human individuals. Americans do not think of themselves as representatives of their families, communities, or social class.