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Essay writing on importance of republic day

essay writing on importance of republic day

have shed their blood for the freedom of our nation. However, almost two and a half years later after gaining independence, the Constitution of India came into effect on 26th January, 1950, making India one of the most populous democracies of the world; on this day India ceased to be a constitutional monarchy and became. Republic Day 2018 Significance : It is the day when monarchy was demolished from the country. The tableaux of states depicting the cultural wonders of the states follow the school children. So, India invites a chief guest from another country every year at Republic Day celebration. A nation is what its people wants it.

Republic Day is one of the most important national events for India and its.
S peech recitation, essay writing, drama play, sports and academic activities, etc.
This essay on Republic Day or 26 January will help you to understa nd the meaning and significance of India s Republic Day.

Ambedkar, was appointed to outline the permanent Indian constitution. On 26th January 1950, India was declared a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic and the Constitution assured the citizens of India justice, equality and liberty. India celebrates the memories of being a republican country on Republic Day every year. On the same day in 1930, Purna Swaraj was declared in India by the Indian National Congress. Folk dances by cultural troupes and various performances are put up by school children to keep the audience spellbound. It is an impressive ceremony put up by our armed forces. In order to officially denote the end of Republic Day celebration, a Beating Retreat ceremony takes place on the eve of 29th January (third day after Republic Day). Following this, 26th January 1930 was declared.

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