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The cow essay in urdu

the cow essay in urdu

keep our health good. Everything related with her are very useful to the mankind. Cow is a pet animal whom every product (like milk, ghee, dahi, co-dung and Gau-mutra) is considered as sacred and useful. The other use of a cow is that it can be used to till the fields by making it drag a hoe. Cow is a very famous and important domestic animal. Generally, she is used to of grazing green grasses in the fields. Increases breast milk secretion in the feeding mother. Her co-dung and urine is highly useful to the farmers for making natural fertilizer for plants, trees, crops, etc. Cow Essay 6 (400 words). Cow milk is easily digestible and can be eaten by the patients with digestive disorders.

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She is the symbol of grace and abundance. We should respect and be kind towards her. Not only in India but also in other countries of the world there are a large number of people who eat beef. She eats green grasses, grains, foods, hay, fodder and other things. Gau mutra is very useful for getting rid of many diseases. 5 aylar ├Ânce sirvi satish hemr. In India, her milk is used as pious liquid in every religious activity. She eats large amount of food which include hay, fodder, grass, grains and other eatable things.

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