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What's the worst thing about the internet essay

what's the worst thing about the internet essay

certain specific network stations through a central mainframe method. So enjoy the internet, but be very careful what you do with it, if you do things the safe way and the fun way, you should be OK, but don't believe everything when it says "Its Free! You can find everything of anything on the web just by browsing through a few websites. Online dating and gambling has become most lucrative online business that people now go into. Good :Helped Bellerophon slay the Chimera, virginity,used the civilized side of war, told Perseus to kill Medusa, became patron deity of Athens Bad: Cursed Medusa so she killed a lot of people, tried to bribe Prince Paris with money in the beauty contest between her. Porn and offensive contents have eaten deep in the internet. The Internet is seemingly unregulated at present.

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Every fifth child spends almost a day on social network. You are spending less and less time with friends or family. What is also worth noticing is that there is no certain way that can restrict the information on the Internet. You are preoccupied with Internet activities and your next online session. Now technology has taken another leap and we are even further in history. Only more time on the Internet! Most schools now have all kinds of softwares preventing certain sites to be viewed.

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