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Junkanoo in the bahamas essay

junkanoo in the bahamas essay

indeed impressed with the strength and tenacity of the Bahamian people those who participated in the parade and those who came out in their droves to watch, cheer, dance and support. The next morning was Carnival Saturday as participants trickled in after a few hours of rest to gather with their road fever companies. There are some growing pains, and some issues regarding the clash of culture. The love and support for this cultural festival was unlike anything I have ever seen. . I am from Jamaica an island known for its beautiful beaches, mountains, rich heritage and culture, and warm spirited people. The rhythmic sounds of cowbells, goatskin drums and whistles, accompanied essay on bird parrot in marathi by an array of brass instruments, create a sweet musical beat that will move you; while brilliantly coloured costumes capture your eye. Jason Gardner, a view from Da Cultural Village across Arawak Cay. Visitors from other countries participated, too.

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junkanoo in the bahamas essay

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Junkanoo, The Cultural Festival of the Bahamas. When I got there I was quite surprised. (After all there were some really huge costumes being carried on the shoulders of only one person). . Besides the full junkanoo orchestras, pop music of soca and reggae borrowed from Caribbean neighbors Trinidad and Jamaica, there is the indigenous rake n scrape groups, producing a sound made from scraping simple instruments like saws over the percussive rhythm of goatskin drums. The crowd was in a complete frenzy shouting Dey Scared! Also on hand: spicy and sweet jerk chicken, grouper, shrimp, among other seafood. Quinton Woodside, leader of the Barabbas Tribe carnival group explains, Traditional junkanoo costumes were built from over 5,000 sheets of paper, which are cut then glued.

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Junkanoo - an important Bahamian festival that is celebrated twice a year the day after Christmas and on New Years Day.
Junkanoo Parade in The Bahamas.

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