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Congenital hypothyroidism research papers

congenital hypothyroidism research papers

condition in which there is depressed metabolism, and hence its range of utility extends from anorexia nervosa to ulcers of the leg. In 1912, a completely novel concept was introduced: struma lymphomatosa, a thyroiditis, which for years mainly was an anatomical designation, based on the presence of lymphocytic infiltrates in the thyroid gland. The deposit of fat and the changes in the skin and connective tissues correspond to a languid condition of the venous circulation, but without any tendency to oedema, or any sign of cardiac defect. The cut surfaces yielded less fluid than their appearance would promise. According to Cranefield 29, a Swiss physician Felix Platter (15361614) gave the first more detailed description of cretinism in 1602: it is usual that many infants suffer from innate folly. The patient lived almost 30 years on thyroid substitutioneventually to die of cardiac failure. Around 1892, an Irish general practitioner was asked to see a lady who obviously was dying, her family being aware no treatment was possible. Similar grafting was performed by von Eiselberg who at the same time transplanted thyroid and parathyroid tissue and thus became the first to perform parathyroid grafting 59, though obviously he was unaware of the function of parathyroid glands. Cranefield, in his excellent review 29, cites Vitruvius (c 75c 10 BC) for the statement the Acquiculi in Italy and the nation of the Medulli in the Alps have a kind of water which causes those who drink it to have swollen throats and Juvenal. In France, an apparently adequate prophylaxis for one of mankind's major scourges; cretinism was launched at an early time.

Volume 7 Issue 9 - September 2018. Felix Semon was present at this meetingnot surprising as he in fact was a Prussian who had moved to Great Britain where he was one of the founders of otolaryngologyhaving special interest in cancer of the larynx and not in thyroid diseases. His paper is brief, not very informative and the thyroid gland is hardly mentioned except the remark, In the cretinoid condition in adults which I have seen, the thyroid was not enlarged. Updates Updates and announcements on the status of NGC and nqmc. However, his description is lapidary in the extreme (the strumeous are rarely intelligent). However, a few other investigators were toiling with the possibility of therapy persuasive essay significado and clarifying thyroid function.

Authors in ancient Rome made reference to the common occurrence of goiter in the Alps. He also observed that in children stunted growth was typical in sporadic cretinism and that it springs up, generally without apparent cause, in the offspring of a healthy father and mother. It was recognized that autoantibodies were central in causing Graves-Basedows disease. He observed that goiter was absent in areas where drinking water was rich in iodine and frequent when water was iodine depleted. The author remarked: I am not acquainted with any case on record in which a deficiency of the thyroid gland has been observed in the human body.

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