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American values research papers

american values research papers

and abortion. Only 7 percent say the media are not a factor in shaping moral values. World War I ended in 1918, and with its end came a great new generation of living. In fact, light TV viewers are more likely to give to virtually every kind of charity. I cannot say (tmsm, 391).

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Native Americans valued many things like religion, family, and the concept of things being balanced. Society looks very highly on a person with a good education, but this is where I disagree with society. Society has a set of morals that they set to live by in the world today and the moral values may change as everyday passes. The wealthy are blinded by all their money, such as the Buchanans who forget the real idea of the American dream leading them to having no morals or values. In reality, the success of a fast food restaurant is contingent upon obtaining taxpayer money, avoiding government restraints, and indoctrinating its target audience from as young as possible. Reliability is less valued by heavy TV viewers. 28 percent say that despite the fact that the Boy Scouts are privately funded, banning homosexuals from serving as troop leaders is discrimination and it should not be allowed. Only 47 percent of Americans with high school diplomas or less view the news media as harmful. 52 percent of American adults say the media are an important factor in forming our moral values, and an additional 12 percent say media are the most important factor. 23 percent of light viewers believe the media are balanced, and 17 percent believe the news media have a conservative bias.