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Julius ceaser essay

julius ceaser essay

Caesars death. Again, if Brutus leads the way, the people will think that the death of Julius Caesar wasnt such a bad thing. William Shakespeares play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, is mainly based on the assassination of Julius Caesar. We will write a custom essay sample. Brutus was trying to get the town people to believe he is a great person and noble being; Brutus explains that while they must kill Caesar to save Rome from dictatorship, they must not kill Marc Antony as well, or they will appear. The people would think that there was no reason for Caesars death and most likely beheaded all the conspirators.

julius ceaser essay

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He introduced a new calendar that was more accurate. Brutus loved Rome and didnt wish to see it crumble and waste away at the hands of Julius Caesar. If he hadnt loved Rome more than Caesar, he would not have joined in the assassination of Julius Caesar. Brutus loves Caesar, but would not allow him to climber-upwardHe then unto the ladder turns his back(act 2, scene 1,.24,26). He is a patriot for loving Rome enough to defend it, yet a betrayer because he killed Caesar. Brutus was Caesars good friend but Brutus betrayed him; Brutus killed Caesar and is basically telling Marc to be okay with. Cassius is the one who declares this, Brutus shall lead the way, and we will grace his heels with the most boldest and best hearts of Rome.

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julius ceaser essay

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