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Life in an ideal world essay

life in an ideal world essay

private essay extraversion personality motors very expensive and making available cheap public transport moving to renewable energy sources (solar/wind energy paper free offices, etc. A very sophisticated research will be carried out by this global body. Ideal world is a personal for someone as it exists only in dreams not reality. In ideal world as every country will be given equal opportunity of studies and jobs crime rate will reduce automatically.

My Vision of an Ideal World

life in an ideal world essay

life in an ideal world essay

There will not be any politically important LICs in the world and all cultures will be given importance and nourishment; there will not be any more demands of new nations. In my perfect world, everyone is kind. Any girl who has ever snubbed another will come to the realisation that life is too precious to waste it with snide comments.

But next question is from where will this body will get the funds? write a list in order of importance? Although I am mostly self-sufficient, I need the reassurance only attainable by validation from an external source. Because there are no rules. His hair is longer, his beard is longer, he stands. I think that all the nations in the world should commune to answer future questions. Next issue is crime. It may not be ideal for some one else, as I said in beginning that ideal world is personal for everyone and also to the circumstances one. Answer will be nations will not need any infrastructure to support any kind of army and all such headaches will belong to global body. In my dreams, world is not Ram Rajya, as it is not possible today. My Vision of an Ideal World. To live, the world needs to maintain an order.

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