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Globalisation in singapore essay

globalisation in singapore essay

the standard of living in the country and reduce poverty. Among resident households, median monthly income from work increased.1 per cent from 4,850 in 2009 to 5,000 in 2010 (Table 1 in real terms, the increase was.3 per cent (Department of Statistics Singapore, 2010). This is due to the want for financial independence and thus, people are triggered to become competitive, elevating the living standard of people in the nations that offer themselves to the world trade (mapsofindia, 2011). Source: Ministry of Manpower Singapore (2007). High inflation in other economies will lead to a substantial rise in the prices of imports in Singapore. This table of statistics shows the number of visitor arrivals by region/country of residence from the year 19 to 2009. Hence, we found that it was not necessary to conduct interviews or surveys as information that we needed could be found. The external influences will directly override some local particularities, and the culture itself will be altered, or maybe damaged, or even enhanced, according to the perspective of society life. There is growing concern on the influence of fairly large immigration on the establishment of Singapores cultural and national identity, and on the states management of racial diversity as well.

Report on Wages in Singapore 2006 Figure 1 indicates about.0 of Singaporeans are skilled workers in 2010. (Statistics Singapore)On top of that, they are driving down the income levels for the low-skilled jobs and hence even if locals were to work in it, they will be paid only a small amount.

The Impact of Globalisation on Singapore essays

globalisation in singapore essay

This is because our topic is mainly on the effects of globalisation, hence it would be more appropriate to analyse the trends and research instead of conducting an interview. The last effect is the impact of foreign trade on an economy. Globalisation has led to an improvement in the balance of payments of Singapore. There is reduction and removal of barriers between national borders in order to facilitate the flow of goods and services, investments, financial capital, labour and technology. Especially with regards to trade, globalisation has enabled many countries around the world to take advantage of the aspect of globalisation which improves communication and interaction between people. Globalisation Effect on Singapore Internet. Even after taking into consideration taxes and transfer payments, the Gini coefficient in Singapore still remains above.4 while those of other developed countries all fall below.35.