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Why high school should have nap time essay

why high school should have nap time essay

in four high schools in New Mexico. Don't Champlain to others about how tired you are when you know that it's your fault that you didn't get enough sleep. Parents and teens have been warned that, not getting enough sleep can be unhealthy. Over-packed schedules and 12-hour days are draining already sleep-deprived teenagers. "It would be great if school started later he said. Las Cruces High School is one of four schools in the state that have adopted nap pods. Then he attends daily practices from 7:45.m.9:45.m., and three days a week is back at school at 6:15.m. Napping is so big in Japan that most stores sell desk pillows for a convenient lunchtime snooze. Most high schools operate on the worst possible schedule for teenagers. I'll go to bed at around 10:30 pm, and not be able to sleep until 2:00 am because of constant thoughts running through my mind that causes me to lie awake.

why high school should have nap time essay

Teens do not need a period to sleep during school hours. For swimming unity diversity essays students practice before school she is drowsy by second or third period. If you want to fix the problem go to bed on time. I actually did an experiment and I went to bed at 7pm for a week. Masons 30 minute Mustang Block gives students time to catch up with friends, see teachers for help, or finish up homework.