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My sportsman essay

my sportsman essay

me there with his car. Football is played in many countries, so I support foreign teams as well as the domestic ones. He took part in many competitions such as the Nordic World Ski Championships, the Ski-Flying World Championships and the Olympic games. We had a very good team about forty years ago but since then we have had a bad period. Among them, Maradona, Zidan, Arshavin, Totti, Maldini, Beckham, Cnatona, Messi, Vieri, but most of all I like Ronaldo. My favourite sportsman is an Austrian ski-jumper Thomas Morgenstern.

We waited about half an hour at the gates to get. You will never use cigarettes, alcohol or even drugs, if you go in for sports and understand the importance of good health and physical shape.

He is considered to be the most expensive footballer of all times. Orszagod legnepszerubb sportja Although Hungary is a relatively small country, it has always been successful in several different sports. It helps to taste a victory and teaches you to take a loss with dignity.

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He also has 23 individual wins and 16 team wins. We will write a custom essay sample. He is one of the most successful ski-jumpers. In 2015 he gained silver medals of the World Championship. The game is played on a football pitch. He is not only a clever, nice and charming man but a great professional in the hockey sphere, thats why he is my favorite sportsman. Sportsmen descend a special ramp the best personal statement which is so called inrun, jump from the end of this ramp and try to fly as far as possible. Thomas Morgenstern is a very brave sportsman. So sport helps to build strong character. He is a Finnish racing driver.