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Essay on wealthy nation begins with healthy meals

essay on wealthy nation begins with healthy meals

analysed prior to coming to a reasoned conclusion. In my opinion, sharing wealth with poorer nations has both a bad side and a good side. At providing such things as food and education because of the three following reasons. Despite all that, we all should be ready to offer help to a nation in times of crisis that arise due to unforeseen circumstances, for instance, floods, earthquake, hurricanes. Therefore, we can not look at, hear of, or talk about people who lack food, education, without compassion and sympathy. Sick people can not achieve high productivity and nations remain poor. One such example I observed was that it was written on honey bottle honey NOT TO BE given TO NEW borne children till they ARE ONE year OLD. Its child health, health care, old age care which is important but still important is education of parents to have good parenting. Another examples putting kajal, Black tar into the eyes of the children which can even cause blindness.

In summary, as it is impossible for the governments of poor nations to help the citizens on their own, any supply for short term or long run from the rich would be a very valuable help for them. Imagine next child coming within next one year and again and again.

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On the other hand, many people from poor countries immigrate to rich countries to work or study. If children are poor in health the nation will be of writing college essay for ivy league schools weak persons. You can join the UN and let leaders know you want to end all preventable deaths of women, children, and adolescents and improve their health and well-being within a generation. So as seen from the above, developing nations have an equal obligation to try and stand on their own feet. First of all, it all started with the invention of steam power. Various other steps can always be taken by venturing in trade and commerce for well- being of the nation. For example, the World Bank can nullify their debts or rich nations can help them with some projects to help to pay for these debts. Every Woman Every Child movement and comment on the updated strategy at everywomaneverychild.