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Vegetarianism and health essay in urdu

vegetarianism and health essay in urdu

various grains. These arguments also ignore the energy content and opportunity cost of replacing animal by-products, which is considerable. Carnivores make up the majority of the food chain, both human and animal. Vegetarians are consuming less cholesterol and fat than carnivorous eaters. However, there are strong arguments for on dit essaie ou essaye eating meat. Meat does carry proteins and nutrients very helpful to a healthy diet. Also, ovo-vegetarians, who eat eggs but no dairy foods or animal flesh, may have inadequate vitamin D and calcium.

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The definition of this complex notion is a diet free of meat, fish and fowl. My name is Anna and Im 15 years old. Ielts Vegetarianism Essay - Sample Answer. Some people believe that meat-free food is much healthier, particularly eating fruit and vegetable dishes. The Second Law of Thermodynamics dictates that some energy will be inevitably lost as one moves up the food web. This result shows that vegetarians are facing a lot of health complications due to their eating habit. Im sure its the first and most valuable reason why people stop eating meat. The introduction in this vegetarianism essay begins by mentioning vegetarians and the possible harm of eating meat. Vegetarians who eat no animal flesh or dairy products risk vitamin B12 deficiency, which can result in irreversible nerve deterioration. Diet is only one important aspect of health. But young children who are raised in a vegetarian household are lacking serious nutrients necessary for proper growth.

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