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Essay on radio jockey

essay on radio jockey

reports the radio ratings. Possess good sense of sound and music. It is packaged by a programmer along with station jingles, commercials and slots for the. Currently, I host a show for our Dubai station Radio Hello Dubai which is a light-hearted programme based on current affairs of Tamil Nadu and India in general. The main job of the RJ is to interact with audiences and play music in between the programme. Many professionals in the field also hold voice and radio jockeying workshops where you can learn about the nuances of RJing. You should have the ability to grab attention when you speak. Only few of the institutes provide specialized trainings and these institutes have been opened by few off the well known RJs. Many radio stations are active in India today and there are always ample options for radio jockeys to choose from.

essay on radio jockey

Initiative for juvenile recidivism essay which actor Kamal Hassan is the brand ambassador and trustee. Qualifications required to become RJ, no formal education is required for getting into this field. A related qualification is not a must but what you will need is a basic urge to connect with different kinds of people, share and listen to their stories and something unique about yourself style of speaking, delivery or the way you see or put. Possess good sense of humor. Possess good and appealing voice. As radio jockeying is now a high-paying job in India, many institutes offer courses that guide you towards a successful career. The trend started with VJs or Video Jockeys when channel V (music channel) came into existence. Lets see how you can become a radio jockey.