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Essay conclusions animal farm

essay conclusions animal farm

be more aware of how they used their power. The rest of the animal represents the civilian who are under the regulation of napoleon. When one person by himself holds absolute power and he does not treat it responsibly, the power can easily be abused. Vref1 titleAnimal farm essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. Orwell positions the reader to recognise Napoleon as a dictator leader who holds absolute power and became corrupt. On the other hand, Snow Ball represents Leon Trotsky, who was the creation of the Soviet Union during Russian Revolution.

essay conclusions animal farm

It shows that the true intent of some can often be shrouded with clever rhetoric and captivating speech, often leading the masses into confusion 2 Ballesteros, Christian. Orwell's Animal Farm hence becomes a cautionary tale of a utopian dream going wrong through human (animal) nature.

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Similar to Napoleon, PE G indicate abuse of power. Napoleon is a brutal leader who bends the rules for his benefit and any animal in the farm unsatisfied with his concept, he executes them. These three animals all represent dictators the had a part in the Russian revolution. This would symbolize Vladimir Lenin., the man who took the place as dictator after Tsar Nikolas II stepped down. His revolt was based on his care for other animal and not his love of controlled.

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