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Choosing a thesis supervisor

choosing a thesis supervisor

PhD experience. What can you add to the debate? If you are not applying to do an advertised project (as is often the case in the. Along with the letter, it is a good idea to send a strong research proposal with the sort of detail that suggests you've already looked into the subject in some depth. Talk with friends and professors to see which topics are the most interesting (and could provide the starting point for a strong thesis). One of my academic colleagues has a well-respected blog which has organically served to identify future PhD students.

choosing a thesis supervisor

By Dr Nathalie Mather-L Huillier.
Even before you s tart a PhD, you ll have to do some research!
Not your doctoral research but the.
There are two key choices you must make when you embark on your thesis: choosing a topic and choosing a supervisor.

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Talk to some current graduate students who are working under this supervisor: What has been their experience working with this supervisor? Making contact, if you have the opportunity, attend a lecture, seminar or conference where you know your potential supervisor will be in attendance and chat to them afterwards. The role of your supervisor is to facilitate your academic development and will change over time as you grow in expertise and confidence. Examples of the questions to ask during your first meeting with a potential supervisor: How promising do you find my research topic? What did they expect of this supervisor coming into the program? Make sure that the supervisor is available.

Choosing a PhD Supervisor - Find A PhD

choosing a thesis supervisor

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