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Heavy school bags essay in hindi

heavy school bags essay in hindi

willing to buy a textbook using a better binding method. There is no excuse for them not to organize the items they have to bring to school. Schools can allow students to carry one big notebook with sections for all subjects instead of different ones for various subjects. I recommend that schools should provide each student with a locker whenever possible. Here are some useful suggestions by Dr Smarajit Chakrabarty. If the space of the school is too limited to place lockers, installing a drawer with lock to each student desk is also a favorable alternative. Students have been yelling their complaint on heavy school bags for years. By easy calculation one can conclude that bringing such a think textbook is both pitiful and absurd. In this way, the weight of school bags can be further lessened. The spine is a stack of bones called the vertebral column with the bones separated by a cartilage called the inter vertebral disk and held upright by the muscles and ligaments around. Their mind is burdened with the weight of the books and this leads to low attention span.

heavy school bags essay in hindi

This can not only hamper their studies but also cause back and posture problems. As stated above, the problem of overweight school bags can be easily dealt with if textbook publishers, teachers and students are willing to take a step forward. Primary kids should not be blamed for this since they might not know what to put in a school bag and need assistance from their parents. Not only do students benefit from a lighter load, but the publishers will gain as well. The excess weight puts undue stress on the muscles, ligaments and disk thus damaging them. Actually, there is one practical and beneficial solution. The use of loose-leaf binding in textbooks will need more pieces of paper in total, because cash life sentence for juvenile essay booklet will have its own cover and functional pages such as content and index pages. But the trend these days seems to be 20 says Dr Zinal.

heavy school bags essay in hindi

Heavy school bags create unbearable pressure to the spines of growing teens. Instead of telling students not to bring unnecessary items to school, I believe that there are far more measures schools and textbook publishers can take to alleviate the worrying situation. School uniform essay in hindi. Hindi, Essay, New Essay, School, A New Essay on My School.

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