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Essay on geography of nepal

essay on geography of nepal

for class 6, 7, 8, 9, sat essay 4/4/4 10, 11 and. The tsunamis are long waves (with longer wavelengths of 100 km or more) which travel at the speed of hundreds of kilometers per hour but are of shallow in depth in deeper oceans and seas. You should watch the first three minutes of the video to the right to get a 'feel' for the place. You might want to use the Wikipedia entry and information from Task 1 above.

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26, 2001 (Gujarat, India) was caused due to reactivated subsurface faults due to subduction of Indian plate below Asiatic plate. Where does most of this waste end up? Most of the world earthquakes occur in: (i) The zones of young folded mountains, (ii) The zones of faulting and fracturing, (iii) The zones representing the junction of continental and oceanic margins, (iv) The zones of active volcanoes, and (v) Along different plate boundaries. The Himalayan region is a zone of maximum intensity in terms of the magnitude of seismic tremors because this zone is located in the subduction zones of the Asiatic and Indian plates where the process of mountain building is still in progress. Write a summary of what you find. (ii) Highly hazardous earthquakes causing human deaths ranging between 51,000 and 1,00,000 occurred in 1268 (in Silicia, Asia Minor, death toll, 60,000 in 1667 (in Shemaka, Caucasia, death toll 60,000 in 1693 (Catania, Italy, 93,000 deaths in 1693 (Naples, Italy, 93,000 deaths in 1932 (Kansu. Geographers analyze how complex interactions among these spatial processes create constantly changing human and natural landscapes across the world. The strong tsunamis triggered by Lisbon earthquake also caused.5 m.5 m high waves as far away as the West Indies. Always two sides to a story.