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Importance of medical education essay

importance of medical education essay

context which makes the topic stand out or seem different. You would want to take charge and control over your own life and income. In planned economy, normally it is planned years in advance to produce a definite number of doctors, engineers, teachers, technicians, scientists etc. The same applies for people who seek higher education and get advanced diplomas while working. While this intricate balance of growth is maintained, there will be a continuous rise in progress in all quarters of life, whether that be personal growth, or development of the nation as an entity.

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Such people lack the self-esteem, that a good education often provides to its followers. It is only at the under leaves of the school that any serious attempt has been, or now is, made to deal with this area. Education has this function of cultural transmission in all societies. It's only through knowledge that you can be able to question authority for its negligence or discrepancies. Dont forget, a move is incorrect if: Any row contains more than one of the same number from 1. You may even gain the confidence and insight, which will help you diversify and spread your expertise into other business arenas, which were previously unknown to you, or you were unsure about. Culture here refers to a set of beliefs and skills, art, literature, philosophy, religion, music etc. Any column contains more than one of the same number from 1. Education helps in transmitting culture through proper molding of social personalities. Which is why we must be exceptionally prudent about the decisions we make and the actions we take in the present.