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My favourite animal cheetah essay

my favourite animal cheetah essay

as much awesome in one of their spots as Batman has in his utility belt! And they are beautiful, strong and fast please help. The cheetah is one of my favrit animals. You can do it right now, right where you are. Also we do not want to lose a Genis World record of fastest animal (on land). Also when people see how beautiful they are they cant resist donating. But I do realize that nobody has to have a super power to be a super hero, all we have to do is take action, just like CCF. Basically, kept in captivity, exotic animals cant roam or show their natural instincts. People purchase snakes, peacocks, tigers, monkeys, crocodiles, poisonous spiders and put them in cages or aquariums.

We can not give up yet. Kaitlyn Mello, she Loves Cheetahs! We need space too, NO because the species was over and the other children not to look. Mike Anothy Diosdado Martinez 2nd Grade If cheetans were my ideal world essay writing gone who would run fast. I think that is super super super cool!