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Modern love essay

modern love essay

throw away those words and perceive the truths for themselves, saying it just as well from their own present understanding, in their own words. Prayer, if engaged in at all, should be a "contemplation of the facts of life from the highest point of view." It is the monologue of a grateful soul. And we are afraid of each other. In time, if the person will consent to look, they will perceive the truth too, and thus may begin a life of honesty.

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Emerson used words that, although I can find them in a dictionary, I've never heard anyone say. But rarely does adult life present us with such circumstances. We have tried to avoid the battlefield where truth fights it out with the dark forces. So it was with the eye, which is not a window to anything but rather a clump of very useful cells. THE world AS IT IS To clearly see the need for this philosophy of self-reliance, all you need to do is look at our modern world. Conditions do not improve when everyone goes along just to avoid seeming rude. Do and say what makes you feel serene and content at the core of your being. I have been studying this essay for years. Our feeble efforts of willpower are completely outmatched by the grandeur of the will of the universe, and to second-guess it or to think you can edit it in-flight is the arrogance of the ignorant. I know the eyes are the windows to the soul or whatever, but the real crux of the moment was not just that I was really seeing someone, but that I was seeing someone really seeing. Things are as real as they are honest.

modern love essay

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