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Nursing shortage issues essay

nursing shortage issues essay

long-drawn-out. With a growing population of baby boomers there is a high demand for nursing care. Table 7 Numerical Change in Qualified Nurses by Specialty Numerical Change Change Acute, Elderly General 165,643 187, Paediatric 16,689 18, Maternity 29,258 29,.9 Psychiatry 38,999 42, Learning Disabilities 9,923 9, Community Services 48,972 53, Education Staff total qualified 310,142 346, Given the number of nurses. The following chart devolves further into the negative impact of staffing in this area. The repercussions that are faced by both nurses and the organization are critical.

Staff Retention  4  11, limited Trained and Teaching  3 . The difference between acute care and chronic care is that it is (acute care) usually required for only short periods of time, however this does not belie the quality, expertise and importance of such care. Instead of cutting back on staff, more staff needs to be hired to fulfil the needs of the patient. Staffing levels have remaining basically unchanged from 1999 levels which is behind the patient curve.

nursing shortage issues essay

Nursing industry is large and ranges from patients and other institutions from businesses to government. Nursing Shortage and, nursing, turn Over, nursing shortage and turnover is an enormous issue affecting nurses in the delivery of patients care.

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Nurses in the developing and poor nations prefer to migrate mainly due to fulfilling the economic needs. Low morale, retention, inadequate time for training and supervision as well as not enough RNs available for duty or shift coverage and the other points clearly indicate this, and this is compounded even more in a Unit, acute care, where patient monitoring and supervision can. Gatford, John Nursing Calculations Churchill Livingstone, 2006,. (Gatford 101) The low-wage rate, high stress in job, unattractive end-service benefits like pensions, and unsatisfactory working conditions are creating dissatisfaction among nurses. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? With the exception of the importation of nurses as a historical solution, the foundational issues are almost identical in Canada, France, the United States and other industrialized nations. RN Performing Too Much HCA Work 4 . The preceding clearly point to the institutions having a higher level of confidence in the abilities and decisions of their nurses as well as an environment which supported and contributed to the foregoing as evidenced by continued training and representation by a registered nurse.

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