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Ji zhang cmu thesis statement

ji zhang cmu thesis statement

2003: 205-213,RoboCup,. Ni Lao, Xipeng Qiu, Knowledge Acquisition. Seattle, WA, May 2015.

J ournal Article, Carnegie Mellon University, Journal of Field Robotics, Vol.
Research: Robot Navigation, Perception and Localization.
Lidar Ma pping, Computer Vision.

ji zhang cmu thesis statement

Address: 5000 Forbes Ave, NSH #2215. Student; Robotics Institute; Carnegie Mellon Univer sity. This thesis proposes to tackle the problem by leveraging range. Jan 26, 2018: Co-Organizing Privacy Day Celebration at CMU.

Cohen, Random Walk Inference and Learning in A Large Scale Knowledge Base. Tsinghua University Bachelor thesis, 2003. I work on machine learning, information retrieval, and natural language processing. (321K entities and.1M links) 2010, fly a biological literature graph with 770K entities and.5M links 2010, yeast a biological literature graph with 164K entities and.8M links Reviewer Services 2018: naacl, coling, sigir, ACL, ccks, nlpcc, nips, emnlp 2017: ACL, sigir, ijcai, emnlp. Data Mining Problems in Automatic Computer Diagnosis. 205-213, 2003 Unpublished Manuscript and Presentations (with a few interesting ideas which I wish I have time to pursuit) Ni Lao, Neural Symbolic Language Understanding. Pittsburgh, PA, 15213, email: Phone:, my recent work has been on enabling lightweight aerial vehicles to fly in complex environments, avoiding obstacles at high speeds. Ruchen Duan, PhD 2015; Thesis Characterization of Fundamental Communication Limits of State-Dependent Interference Networks; Now with Samsung. P-CAP: Pre-computed Alternative Paths to Enable Aggressive Aerial Maneuvers in Cluttered Environments. Video ) and 2-axis video ) lidars. Ni Lao, Ji-Rong Wen, Wei-Ying Ma, Yi-Min Wang, Combine High Level Symptom and Low Level State Information for Configuration Fault Diagnosis, lisa, 2004.

Aerial and Ground-based Collaborative Mapping: An Experimental Study. A Real-time Method for Depth Enhanced Visual Odometry. Ni Lao, Reinforcement Learning In An Unknown Domain (slides). My PhD research focused on ego-motion estimation and mapping leveraging range, vision, and inertial sensing.

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